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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Garlic Is Driving Me Wild!

My onion sets (Red Baron & Sturon) arrived this morning, along with four garlic bulbs ( two each of Albigensian Wight and Lautrec Wight). It's all been sitting next to me, in its padded envelope, on the sofa whilst I catalogue it on Folia...and it's making my tummy rumble something rotten!

Torture I tell you!

The scent from the garlic is so strong - I'm sorely tempted to just go and bake one bulb and turn the other into garlic bread! Fortunately, I have some of this year's garlic harvest sitting in my kitchen, so the new stuff is safe. For now! Probably best to get it in the ground at the weekend! :-)

Now then, regarding lunch...!


sapphireblue said...

Your house won't have vampire on All Hallow's

TheGOKtor! said...

Which is a bit of a shame really! ;-p

Helen Highwater said...

I tried to grow some onions from an onion set, and some other stuff. But my naughty cat saw to it that nothing grew at all! :(