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Wednesday, 19 May 2010


… or rather, a few of them did (James & Vivienne, Matt & Hannah plus Bob (not Kate!), Krusty, and Sam & Andy)! They helped with planting out (replacement broad beans, peas, spinach, beetroot and cabbage), weeding and securing the beds (plus did some more repair work to the chimney stack).

Things are definitely picking up in the garden, and now that we’re covering the beds with chicken wire when we’re not there, there’s been no more bunny damage. Hoorah!

I moved the leeks from bed 7 into bed 1 in the hopes that they will do better there, since this has had much more dug into it. Bed 7 will benefit from the addition of organic matter (coir) and a fence before the runner beans go in. We also planted five plum saplings up on the bank. The orchard-ette is growing!

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