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Known to most as GOK or Bella, I am a half-Venetian, half-British knitter, stitcher, dyer, grower, aesthete, historian, grammar-fascist, culinary goddess, gamer and uber-geek - working in the UK making fine bespoke corsetry and theatrical costume... with occasional forays into making videogames too! Constantly homesick for Venezia.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


So, after surviving the snow, just as we thought we were back on track, in came the rabbits and dug & chomped their way through our crops. We now have nothing but the garlic, onions, a handful of leeks, and the kale. Bloomin’ nuisance. Time for chicken wire, I think.

The dark patches of soil are where I filled in the holes. Bah!

Garth very generously volunteered to lurk on bunny duty!

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